Yup Sup LLC and SUP YO Adventures Partner to Redefine Paddleboarding and Yoga Experiences for Massachusetts' South Shore

Yup Sup LLC and SUP YO Adventures are pleased to announce an exciting new collaboration to redefine paddleboarding and yoga experiences in the Marshfield area of the South Shore. Beginning June 1, 2024, at Yup Sup, Marshfield, the companies will offer an unparalleled fusion of stand-up paddleboarding, yoga, and guided tours amidst the stunning backdrop of the South River. This groundbreaking collaboration unites the expertise of Yup Sup LLC, a pioneering female-founded paddleboard and retail company, with the passion and experience of SUP YO Adventures, also female-founded and renowned for its expertise in paddleboard yoga and outdoor adventures.

Key Highlights:

  • Exclusive Experiences: Led by certified instructors from SUP YO Adventures, the specialized paddleboard yoga classes, and guided tours cater to participants of all skill levels, providing a unique opportunity to harmonize body and mind amidst the serene waters of the South River.
  • High-Quality Paddleboards: Yup Sup’s renal equipment is included for each class, with beautiful, clean, solid boards ideal for yoga.
  • Scenic Tours: Explore the beauty of Marshfield with our meticulously curated Rise and Shine morning adventures and evening Sunset Paddles, designed to immerse participants in the tranquility of nature while fostering physical wellness.
  • Coastal Living Boutique Discount: All class members will enjoy an exclusive discount on any merchandise purchased at Yup Sup’s coastal retail boutique the same day they take a class, enhancing the overall experience with premium apparel, jewelry, beach gear, local art, and accessories.

"Yoga and Stand Up Paddleboarding (SUP) just happen to go together very well. Doing yoga on a paddleboard enhances the yoga workout. The paddleboard makes a fine yoga mat and the extra balance required by being on the water intensifies the yoga routine. The peacefulness and tranquility of floating on the water combine nicely with the meditative nature of yoga,” says Jana Olineo, Owner of SUP YO Adventures.

Echoing these sentiments, Susan Sweenie, VP of Operations at Yup Sup, expressed excitement about this collaboration, stating “A main goal at Yup Sup is to create and deliver experiences that promote fitness while allowing for a connection with the outdoors and the water. We are the premier Marshfield-based resource for SUP Yoga, lessons, and tours, combined with a one-of-a-kind store experience, complete with a beautiful beach boutique and amenities such as bathrooms, nearby convenience stores, restaurants, and our very own dock. Our location isn't just a place for lessons; it's a hub for adventure and relaxation. When you visit, you’ll feel like you're on a coastal vacation.”

Yup Sup also offers paddleboard and kayak rentals outside of classes and tours.


Pricing for SUP yoga and tours range from $37-$47. SUP and kayak rentals begin at $45 for two hours.

For further details on this new collaboration and to book your paddleboard experience, please visit www.yupsuplife.com.

About Yup Sup

Yup Sup LLC is a leading female-founded paddleboard company that is nestled in the heart of Marshfield, MA. The company specializes in providing unforgettable experiences through premier paddleboard and kayak rentals and lessons. The company also sells a comprehensive range of its own brand of high-quality, lightweight rigid paddleboards and is a certified dealer for other paddleboard brands.

Beyond its rental services, Yup Sup boasts a welcoming retail boutique housing a treasure trove of coastal living essentials. From paddleboard sales to beach-inspired apparel, art, jewelry, home decor, and everything in between, visitors can explore a curated selection of products celebrating a love for water and nature.


Yup Sup believes that water isn't just a resource; it's a way of life. It gives life, sustains it, and fulfills it. The company's mission revolves around promoting a holistic lifestyle centered on a deep love and appreciation for water. Join Yup Sup on the journey to discover the joy of paddleboarding and the beauty of coastal living.

About SUP YO Adventures

SUP YO Adventures, founded by Jana Olenio, yoga instructor, travel agent and New Hampshire native, was created from pure passion for nature and outdoor adventure. SUP YO Adventures is an outdoor adventure lifestyle brand, which offers day hikes, paddleboard yoga classes, overnight wilderness retreats and weeklong international adventures as well as Paddleboard 25-Hour YTT Yoga Teacher Training.  Please visit https://www.supyoadventures.com/ for further information.