Superior Quality

Our premium, lightweight boards are made from a variety of fine materials and shaped to be easy to carry, load, and unload, delivering a superior SUP experience both on and off the water. From thermal tech to fiberglass epoxy and bamboo veneer, our boards will provide years of happy water adventures for their owners. Careful craftsmanship of the board and the little touches - tie-down straps, camera mounts, docking grommets, and more ensures that each paddleboard is of the highest quality. You’ll be hard-pressed to find another line of paddleboards with as much style, endurance, and ruggedness at such attractive price points.

Customized Design

Each board shape, color, and design are created in the U.S. by passionate artisans who love the water. Each season, we personally craft a variety of pre-designed boards in a multitude of colors and aesthetics that are sure to make you smile the minute you step foot upon them. In addition, we offer custom designs that allow our customers to create a board as unique and special as they are - with choice of color and imagery, inspiring words, or personal logos. Finally, from time to time we partner with select artists to bring their water-inspired artwork to life on our Limited Edition Boards.

Style + Performance

Our diverse styles appeal to a variety of riders at different skill levels and with different tastes. Our performance-driven boards are usable in many different scenarios - from the ocean surf to the calm beauty of a lake, coastal cruises to SUP races. With full rails and ample width on our all-around sticks, to the increased length, width and stability for yoga models, and a pointed nose and displacement hull on our touring models, you’re sure to find the performance you desire. Our styles range from bright neon colors to more nautical looks, so your board will look beautiful both on and off the water. Our trademark logo graces each piece, sharing with the world that you, too, believe a life spent on the water is a happier life.

Life + Water = Happy

“Thousands have lived without love, not one without water.” -H. Auden

At YupSup, we believe that water is a powerful force for healing, happiness, and wellness. Our mission is to provide joyful paddleboards, accessories, art, and apparel that inspire more people to live a life on the water.

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