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Life + Water = Happy

At Yup Sup, we know that there’s a special bond among people who love the water: our oceans, rivers, and lakes. It’s a community that celebrates the magic and power of water through art, music, work, and activity. We have partnered with artists and entrepreneurs around the U.S. to whom water, the beach, or coastal living are a central theme to their lives. We celebrate their artistic homage to a life on water and introduce you to their art, products, and services.

We invite you to check back often to meet new artists and have a special opportunity to buy limited edition pieces or receive special discounts on their services. From time to time, select artists may also contribute designs for our Limited Edition boards.




February's Featured Artist

Jenna Sammartino, Driftway Designs 

Born and raised on the South Shore of Massachusetts, Jenna has always found the ocean to be a place of serenity and renewal. After going to college in Boston to study nursing, she and her husband Matt moved to Scituate, a neighboring seaside town offering year-round salty breezes and ocean inspiration.
"We have loved planting our roots here and when Matt introduced me to sailing, my respect and love for the ocean grew. I was first introduced to epoxy resin while maintaining the bright work on our sailboat, and when I discovered a new way to use this medium to create art, Driftway Designs was born. Making functional pieces of ocean-inspired resin art has allowed me to bring my love of the ocean to life in a way that I can share with others. I want my work to remind you of time spent on the coastline, whether it's building sandcastles with your kids, taking a quiet stroll with the one you love, or just breathing in the salty air."
Bring the beach in with Driftway Designs - check out these LIMITED EDITION pieces Jenna created just for Yup Sup fans!


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