Our Story

About Us

yupsup-paddleboard-rentals-marshfield-maWe’re in the business of making people happy and encouraging a positive, vibrant, and active lifestyle on the water through unique and custom stand up paddle boards, beach apparel, coastal art, and accessories. We believe a water-centric lifestyle is a happier one, which is why our tagline is Life + Water = Happy.

As one of the only female-founded paddle board companies in the U.S. and the world, Yup Sup’s focus is on delivering high quality, lightweight, beautiful, and inspirational paddle boards for men,  women, and children. We want people to feel not only at peace but inspired and empowered when on our boards. We want them to love the paddle boarding experience so much that they just can’t wait to “get out there” every day possible.

While we produce pre-designed boards, we also create custom-designed and Limited Edition boards that incorporate and celebrate our customers’ unique personalities and feature ocean-inspired art. 

In addition to our unique paddle boards and accessories, we also celebrate our love of all things water and nature through beach and resort-inspired clothing, accessories, jewelry, and art. Water gives us life, sustains us, and fulfills us. Our focus is on promoting a holistic lifestyle centered around a love for - and appreciation of - water. Whether lazing on the beach all day, exploring the waters via boat or paddleboard, hanging with friends around a beach fire at night, or enjoying a date night dockside, life by the water is just heavenly.

Our Founder

Our founder Christine is an Aquarius, the water sign, and has always been drawn to any body of water - lakes, the ocean, rivers, a pool. Her love for paddle boarding, the ocean, and beach life - combined with a desire to match her business wherewithal with a personal passion - drove her to start Yup Sup. It is her third business.

Today, Christine spends as much time on the water as possible via her paddle board and boat, docked on the South River in Marshfield, Massachusetts. In fact, she can see her boat from our store, which is also on the water. The ocean is also just steps away, where she and her family spend many beach days and nights at Humarock Beach, which is in Scituate, Massachusetts.

She's an avid shell collector and lover of all things beach, boat, paddle, surf, and water.

“I personally love stand up paddle boarding and have been doing it for over a decade. It brings positivity to my life: calm, zen, exercise, focus. So I thought why not start a consumer brand that supports and amplifies this positivity and encourages people to get out on the water and be active?”

"One of my favorite quotes is 'Most things can be cured by salt water... sweat, tears or the sea,' because I truly believe in water's healing attributes. The sound, the smell, the beauty, and the freedom are all so alluring. Although I'm partial to the ocean for its vast and compelling mysteries, I also love lakes and rivers. Growing up in Illinois, Wyoming, and Michigan those were all I knew. I learned to swim, fly fish, and boat in the midwest, spending many vacations camping and exploring the beaches in Illinois, Wisconsin and northern Michigan. In Wyoming the water was a bit harder to come by, but I always made the trek - my parents were very much into hiking and when we'd land at a beautiful place like Lake Louise in the Wind River Range, my heart skipped a beat. Water has always been my happy place."