• 10 Reasons To Try Standup Paddleboarding in 2021

    2020 was a great year for the paddleboarding business, but not so great for consumers trying to get their hands on a new board late in the season. With COVID-19 restrictions, stand up paddleboards were more popular than ever as they provided a safe activity people could do "together but apart."... View Post
  • Inflatable Paddleboards Now Available

    We asked and you answered - you'd like inflatables! We're happy to say they're now available through our partnership with POP Paddleboards. We're now a certified POP dealer and have three styles and sizes available. The greatest news: Every inflatable comes with a full package of with a backpack... View Post
  • Yup Sup Founder in Entrepreneur Magazine

    Our Founder and CEO, Christine Perkett, was featured in Entrepreneur's article, "6 Steps To Starting A Business Successfully During The Worst of Times." “Following all the rules can be limiting. Not everything will go perfectly, but that’s part of the gig,” says Christine Perkett, founder of Yup... View Post