Yup Sup Beach Boutique Named a Best of South Shore Finalist

It’s an exhilarating season at Yup Sup, your go-to e-commerce site and beach boutique on the South Shore! We’re overjoyed to share that we’ve been nominated as finalists in the prestigious Best of South Shore (BOSS) Awards 2024, specifically shining in the categories of Best Swimwear and Best Activewear Shop. This accolade is a reflection of our unwavering commitment to excellence, sustainability, and the vibrant beach lifestyle that defines our brand and community.

A Journey Towards Excellence 👍🏻

Yup Sup stands out for its dedication to offering the finest in swimwear and activewear, with a keen focus on sustainability, style, and performance. Being recognized every year we’ve been open as one of the top businesses on the South Shore is a heartwarming nod to our passionate team and the hard work they put in every day. However, this moment is particularly special because it signifies the incredible support and loyalty of you, our valued customers, whose feedback and encouragement have propelled us to this stage.

The BOSS Awards: Celebrating Community and Quality 🏄🏻‍♀️

The Best of South Shore Awards isn’t just about competition; it’s a vibrant celebration of the small businesses that are the heartbeat of our community. With the finalists being those with the most nominations, it’s evident that the South Shore community stands strong with its local businesses. As the final voting round kicks off, from February 23rd to March 15th, your support becomes even more pivotal. By casting your vote for Yup Sup, you’re endorsing the quality, dedication, and spirit we bring to our ‘lil beach boutique every day.

Join Us on This Remarkable Journey - Please Vote for Us! 🙏🏼

We would be so grateful if you joined us on this journey to the top of the Best of South Shore Awards 2024. Voting is straightforward; just visit the link below to South Shore Home, Life and Style and select Yup Sup under the SHOPPING: Best Swimwear and Best Activewear categories. We would be so grateful for your vote and support as we continue to serve the South Shore community and summer tourists with a unique shopping experience and water sports rentals. We strive to embody the South Shore spirit and coastal lifestyle in all that we offer

Spread the Word 💻

Your voice is powerful, and your vote is invaluable. Amplify your support on social media with #BOSS2024 and #lifewaterhappy annd encourage your network to support Yup Sup. Every vote, social media post, and share is so meaningful to us and really helpful in spreading awareness of what offer here in Marshfield, Massachusetts.

Our Heartfelt Thanks 💕

As we navigate towards the winners of the BOSS 2024 Awards, our gratitude for your steadfast support knows no bounds. Whether through voting, sharing, or cheering for us, your involvement is what transforms Yup Sup from just a shop into a thriving community. Together, let’s continue to champion the South Shore beach lifestyle, proving that for swimwear and activewear, Yup Sup truly stands apart. Maybe next year there will be a water sports rental or paddleboard shop category!