Yup Sup Founder in Entrepreneur Magazine

Our Founder and CEO, Christine Perkett, was featured in Entrepreneur's article, "6 Steps To Starting A Business Successfully During The Worst of Times."

“Following all the rules can be limiting. Not everything will go perfectly, but that’s part of the gig,” says Christine Perkett, founder of Yup Sup, an active lifestyle brand that offers custom stand up paddle boards, beach apparel, art and accessories. “As a marketer, I would never suggest this strategy but COVID made Yup Sup’s launch an exception. We had  just sitting here — our boards and  were ready ahead of our website.”

Even though its website wasn’t ready, Yup Sup still sold out its inventory through other methods, which shows customers care more about the product than the experience. When you let go of what the experience of starting a business "should" look like, so many opportunities will follow. 

Yup Sup executed a company launch via social media, and its boards sold out in just days. “As an entrepreneur, you have to recognize unique opportunity, be willing to take calculated risks and find innovative solutions," Perkett says. "Our decision to launch early encompassed all of those attributes.”

You can read the full article, here.