• Wine Glass and Stone Coaster Set
  • Wine Glass and Stone Coaster Set

Wine Glass and Stone Coaster Set

Made from reclaimed granite countertops, these coasters provide an ingenious cooling effect. Each Coaster allows the wine glass to nestle inside and stay cool thanks to the granite's high thermal mass and aluminum’s high thermal conductivity. They combine to conduct heat from the glass and keep your drink cool like no other coaster can. Made in New Hampshire.

To use:

1) Freeze coasters for at least 30 minutes. 2) Fill with your favorite chilled wine. 3) Serve & enjoy!

• Each set comes with two 4" square Granite Coasters, two 9oz Stemless Wine Glasses, and our ever-popular On the Rocks solid granite chilling stones.

• Solid granite coasters keep wine cool and safe from spills.

• Glasses nestle inside coaster making them anti-tip.

• Distinctive granite colors identify drinks.

• Coasters won’t stick to bottom of glass.

• Padded bottoms protect surfaces.

• Store in freezer so ready.

  • $47.50