WildFlower Face, Body and Soul Skincare

WildFlower Blue luxurious skincare products are homemade with great care in very small batches using only wholesome and natural ingredients. Non-GMO and organic ingredients are used whenever possible. Ingredients in all but two products are noncomedogenic, meaning that there is nothing in them that can clog the pores. Because every product contains skin-friendly oils, your skin will be left feeling fresh and looking dewey. There are no toxins, chemicals or preservatives in the products. Please toss unused portions at the end of each product's shelf life, as indicated in the product's shelf life. Finally, all products are concentrated, so a little goes a long way!

Every product is formulated to:

-Protect against free radical damage through the use of natural antioxidants

-Provide a protective barrier from the environment 

-Repair and renew skin cells

-Reduce inflammation

-Improve the appearance of fine lines and dark spots

-Boost elasticity

-Moisturize, nourish, plump, smooth and soften skin

  • $28.00