Meditation Tumble Stones

Smooth and beautiful, these tumble stones are perfect for meditating or simply wishing. Makes a sweet gift as well. 

Amethyst Banded is a combination of amethyst with white quartz, which forms the characteristic stripes or V-shape on the stone. It is believed to combine the strengthening properties of quartz with the stress reduction resulting from amethyst. Often used to work with the third eye. Made in Namibia.

Red Tiger Eye is a reddish-brown or brown, opaque variety of quartz that exhibits the optical effect of a cat's eye. This effect is caused by fibrous ingrowths of highly oxidized crocidolite, and less frequently of crosstie or tremolite. The red tiger's eye is one of the most popular types of this magic stone. It is considered a remarkable mineral that brings success and wealth. It can be used as a strengthening and protection of the economic status and wealth that we already have. Size approx : 25 - 45 [mm] Made in South Africa.

One stone.

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