Olivia Striped Wrap Tank Top with Front Tie Detail

Welcome the Olivia Striped Tank Top to your fashion ensemble – where sweetness meets elegance. This top is made from 100% polyester, ensuring a light and airy comfort that's ideal for any setting. Adorned with a fetching striped pattern and featuring a distinctive front tie wrap, this tank top sculpts a silhouette that's both attractive and stylish. It's perfect for workdays or laid-back weekends, the Olivia Tank Top is your go-to for an elevated style with minimal effort. Lovingly made in China, this piece captures the essence of a modern, carefree, and chic woman.


  • Everlasting Striped Design: A charming red and white stripe pattern for a look that's always in vogue.
  • Elegant Front Tie: A playful yet elegant detail that enhances the tank top's charm.
  • All-Occasion Wear: Easily paired with jeans for casual wear or a skirt for formal events.
  • Supreme Fabric Quality: 100% polyester provides a silky touch for lasting comfort.
  • Delightful Fit: Crafted to flatter your figure, embracing style and comfort.


  • Material: 100% Polyester
  • Sizes: Available in XS, S, M, L, XL (size guide included)
  • Color Scheme: Red and White Striped
  • $34.99