Ocean Wave Resin Lazy Susan

Handmade right here in Massachusetts, these handmade lazy Susans are as functional as they are beautiful. 14’ in diameter, their spin function provides easy access to appetizers, cheeses or condiments. The unique and intricate ocean wave design is created with a food-safe, waterproof resin that adds both beauty and functionality to each piece — beautiful enough to leave on a kitchen island all year ‘round with flowers or other decor. The spinning server is carved out of a single block of wood and skid-free rubber feet to provide extra protection for your surfaces.

To amplify the ocean beauty, pair the lazy Susan with the other resin cutting boards or coasters in our collection. 

A perfect addition to your beach house. Each piece is handmade and every Lazy Susan will resemble the pictured item. While the color pattern remains consistent, the shape of the waves may vary slightly.

Bamboo board. Bamboo is a durable and dense alternative to traditional wood, providing a highly cut-resistant surface. The natural antibacterial properties of bamboo make it a safe and hygienic choice for food. To ensure the longevity of each Lazy Susan, we pre-oil them multiple times before delivery.

One board; coasters sold separately.

Made in Massachusetts USA

  • $68.95