Men’s 26” Camel eBike

This sturdy eBike makes the perfect gift - for you or anyone in your life looking to more easily get around town! The Nakto City 26" Camel is the ideal e-bike.

Designed as a commuter electric bicycle, the Nakto Camel City e-bike has the typical narrow tires most commonly seen on road bikes.

Thanks to its light weight of just 69 lbs, it is easy to maneuver through city traffic.
With a charging time of just 4-6 hours, the Nakto city 26" Camel can be ridden 20-25 miles to work, and then be fully recharged and ready for the return journey by the end of the day.  

The Nakto Camel City men’s e-bike has a 250 watt electric motor that is located in the rear wheel of the bicycle. And the rear hub motor also offers riders a higher level of traction, which makes it a great choice for riding in all weather conditions.

With your Nakto City Me,'s 26" Camel, you can discover 3 ways to ride:
- Pedal only (with no help from the motor)
- Throttle with pedal assistant pedaling; It makes riding fun and effortless
- Throttle only (effortless like a motorcycle)


  • $749.99
  • $859.00