• "I Don't Give A Sip" Wine Bottle Topper Set

"I Don't Give A Sip" Wine Bottle Topper Set

Introducing our Wine Bottle Toppers - a perfect fusion of functionality and sophistication for wine enthusiasts. This pack of 4 toppers ensures that opened wine bottles stay fresh longer, preventing spills when stored in the fridge. Includes one of each topper:

  • I don’t give an sip
  • I make pour decisions
  • It’s Mom’s turn to wine
  • You had me at Merlot

Each wood topper measures 1.15" in diameter and is laser engraved. The rubber stopper seal, approximately 3/4" in diameter, ensures a snug and airtight fit in most wine bottles, preserving the flavor profile and freshness.

Packaged in a branded clear plastic box with a convenient hanger, our Wine Bottle Toppers make for a delightful gift!

Maintenance is easy – simply hand wash the rubber plug portion with a damp soapy cloth and air dry.

Please note. Wood toppers are hand-shaped and may not be perfectly circular or centered.

  • $12.00