• 3D Illusion Studs
  • 3D Illusion Studs
  • 3D Illusion Studs

3D Illusion Studs

These three-dimensional stud earrings create an eye-catching illusion that will be sure to have everyone doing double takes.


Brass + 14k gold-fill ear posts. 

Brass Care:

How do I keep my brass jewelry shiny?

Oils from your skin and the oxygen in the air can create a patina (discoloration or change in luster) on brass . To slow the patina process, don't wear your brass jewelry to the pool, in the shower, or at the gym. Store it in a secure, dry place in-between wears. Brass will naturally darken and some people love this look. But if you want to make it shine like new again, a great method for cleaning is a Sunshine Cloth. This will also work on all other types of base and precious metal jewelry. 

  • $48.00