• Sterling Silver Claddagh Pendant Necklace
  • Sterling Silver Claddagh Pendant Necklace

Sterling Silver Claddagh Pendant Necklace

The Claddagh is arguably the most well-known symbol of love, loyalty, and friendship there is. The hands are to friendship, the heart to love, and the crown to loyalty. Love, loyalty, and friendship are three necessary components to a strong relationship. Wear this simple piece with pride or gift to someone significant in your life.  

One of our fine jewelry collection pieces, this petite Claddagh Necklace is presented in clean and striking detail through the hand crown and heart design. It is fashioned in a bright Sterling Silver.

The Claddagh design is a symbol of two joining hands a heart and a crown. There are numerous folkloric tales of how the Claddagh first came to be. Tales of everything from a fisherman crafting it as a ring for his bride to be, to that of a prince creating the design to prove to a young maid’s father that he was true in his love for her. What threads all the stories together is their common theme of love. Proclaim your adoration and appreciation for your significant other by bearing this classic Celtic emblem.

18' sterling silver chain with bolt ring catch included. 

Comes in a beautiful luxury gift box and bag.

Handmade in Dublin, Ireland.

- Sterling Silver

Dimensions: 18mm x 12mm


  • $101.00