Royal Hawaiian 10'6 Inflatable Paddleboard


NEW! As one of only a few certified POP dealers on the East Coast, we're now offering inflatables. These are great for very active paddleboarders who like to travel with their board. Pack it up in the backpack and explore inner mountain lakes, or take it out on the ocean surf. Sturdy like a rigid board but more versatile for the true adventurer. This board is for the paddler on the go.

The squash tail improves stability and thrust in small surf. The smaller length and width improve the board’s responsiveness. Beginner and expert riders looking for an all around board and 'lots of personality will love this board. It's beautiful, fun, and functional. Where will you paddle?

Full Kit

Your inflatable kit will be fully accessorized with a backpack with wheels, 3-piece adjustable paddle, dual-action pump, universal fin, and leash.


10'6 x 30 x 6; vol: 250L; Board Weight 24 lbs

AIRRIDE Construction

Made with the highest strength of drop-stitch fibers, with a double-layer, double-wall construction, this inflatable board is the most rigid and durable SUP available today.

360 Diamond Traction

High-performance EVA traction and angled diamond shapes help channel the water of the deck pad and provide a firm and comfortable grip no matter where you stand.


One universal single fin will provide all the traction you need without the excess drag created by side fins. The best part…no tools needed.


Secure your gear quickly with our Trapper Bungee system. Now equipped on all of our inflatable boards. 

Rider Recommendations

80 lbs to 250 lbs.; Beginner to Advanced.

FREE SHIPPING ON ALL INFLATABLE PACKAGES. These boards are only available online. 

  • $849.00