• Yup Sup Yoga Paddleboard - Made in USA

Yup Sup Yoga Paddleboard - Made in USA


For those who like to combine their yoga or fitness routines with paddle boarding, a Yoga board is perfect. This is the best, widest and sturdiest board to allow all those Dandayamanas and Bhujangasanas. It's also a great board to bring the littles or the pups along. Our yoga board is a flatwater hybrid board that provides great stability. The deck pads can extend almost the full length of the board, providing room for all those stretches. 

This board is made in the USA!


Yoga and fitness boards are usually wide (33′′ to 34.5′′) for more stability and balance and have slightly less rocker than the All Around. Choose 11' or 12'. Made of lighter weight foam for ease in carrying and loading.

Height & Weight Recommendations

Great for 4'11 - 6'3; 110 lbs to 230 lbs

Special Order Now for 90-120 Day Delivery - these boards are CUSTOM MADE ON ORDER

Sizes Available: 11', 12'
Colors Available: Think Pink, Bluegreen, Fire Yellow

  • $1,800.00